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Together, a family


If you’re seeking a babysitter full time, part time or only on weekends , Trinity is the only way to find the perfect care  for your family ! You can choose the babysitter defining appropriate criteria according to your needs

Senior care

If you are looking  for a full time or part time caregiver for your old parents , with trinity can feel safe even if you aren’t present.



If the dynamics of the day don’t allow you to be the housewife that you  wanted to be for your family , now you can ! Select the correct maintenance workers , with experience and flexibility in working according to the needs of your family.


Our Mission

Trinity is the only company that offers solutions in the care services for families in three daily needs; custody of children, the elderly care assistant and housekeeper.If you can’t  take the care that you wanted  for your family, now you have the solution.Trinity creates mediation between families and professionals in the field of care.

If you decide to be back from work and need a babysitter with flexibility in working hours, if parents or grandparents can not care for themselves and they need care or even if you need a housekeeper, trinity offers numerous opportunities to select the right professionals in these services.

How to find your job as a caregiver or housekepper through Trinty?

If  require a job as caregivers or housekeepers click on the section “work with us”, select the service offering, availability, fill out the required fields for some of your information and attach you curriculumin.Within 72 hours, our staff, as evaluates curriculum and availability,  announce to interview in the premises of our agency and then we interfere with the family to which will offer your service.

How to do the selection of appropriate worker for your family?

  • The first step is to click on the section “Contact Us”, which will open a form of short in which will specify for what you are interested (babysitter, assistant for elderly or housekeepers), must specify availability the employee and in the comments field you can figure out some criteria that must surely have anyone who will be selected to provide your family
  • The second step is to enhance the all the curriculums received at the agency, to select the agent with profiles that they themselves have requested and final step is the mediation meeting between you and the worker that selected according to your criteria. Trinity is the right solution of caregiver, which is why together we are a family!

Together, a family!


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